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General and Professional Education
2/2015 pp. 34-39

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The article presents selected approaches to the modernizing of a technical higher education at the Department of Automation and Production Systems of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of University of Žilina with the main goal to increase the both theoretical and practical knowledge levels of graduate students and to raise their competitiveness in the labour market. The article is aimed at modern means supporting higher education process in the field of automation of mechanical engineering production. The main attention is paid to new department´s laboratories: the laboratory of automation of production processes by robots built as an integrating basis for learning several specialized subjects and the laboratory of CNC machines programming. Both laboratories are utilised for intensive tuition in the framework of bachelors’ and masters’ programmes and also for the solution of research tasks.

Key words

technical university education, specialized laboratory workplaces, robots and CNC machines programming, multimedia, E-learning


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