Formatting requirements

Articles for General and Professional Education are accepted for publication and published in English, Russian, French and Polish.

The full text of the article should not exceed ten A4 pages (but not less than six A4 pages). The text of the article should be written font size 11 Times New Roman (TNR), single line spacing, all margins - 2.5 cm, the titles of tables placed above the table and centered, the description of the tables and the text in the tables font size 10 TNR, centered figure captions font size 10 TNR, figure descriptions no smaller than font size 9. Text should not surround figures and tables.

Each paper should contain a title, an abstract and keywords in English.

Layout of the article:

The title of the article (in the language of the published paper and English)
Name of author(s)
Place of work, full address, e-mail
Abstract (100 - 250 words, in English)
Keywords (6-10 words, in English)
The main text with a separate Introduction (Preface), Main chapters and subchapters, the Summary (Conclusion), without enumerating. Illustrative material (figures and tables): figure lines no thinner than 0.5 pts, files should be provided in at least 300 dpi definition (.tif, .jpg format). Font of the signs in figures should be the same as in the rest of the article, but not bigger than font size 9. Handwritten descriptions are unacceptable! Text should not surround the illustrative material. It is recommended that figures relate to the text and are marked in numerical order throughout the article. References to the illustrative material are required in the paper, they should be done in the numerical order throughout the article. Variables have to be singled out by italics, constants and numbers are to be written straight. The names and technical terms should be defined in the text or in footnotes as soon as they occur in the text. Uniform measure units consistent with the SI system should be used. Formulas (equations) should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals throughout the work, in parentheses, alignment to the right.

References at the end of the article (from 5 to 25 points of reference) should be listed in alphabetical order or according to citation order (references in the text should be provided in square brackets) in compliance with the standards accepted in the author’s country.

Texts must be submitted electronically to the address or sent on an electronic media (e.g. CD) to 71-040 Szczecin, ul. Okulickiego 159A, Poland. The article should be delivered in the format of text files .rtf or .doc.

Editorial Staff of General and Professional Education reserves the right to make cuts and alterations in the text as well as to suggest changes and additions in agreement with an author. In case of considerable changes of the editorial alterations the Editorial Staff may return the work to the author to correct it.

The author of the published work is obliged to transfer his/her authorship rights onto the publisher and make a statement (download available at the bottom) that the work has never been published before and has not been submitted for publication elsewhere.

The decision about admitting the article for publication is made by the Editor-in-Chief on the basis of two reviews, one of the reviews from a different country than the one represented by the author of the article.