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General and Professional Education
4/2017 pp. 43-48

Automation Studio 5.6 - oprogramowanie ułatwiające proces edukacji studentów na przykładzie instalacji hydraulicznego sterowania skoku śruby nastawnej

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The regulations regarding the education of the future engineers require that education centers should seek for new, professional tools supporting the education processes. This refers mainly to the practical training. Currently, the best tools for improving the education quality include practicing using various software. This type of practice provides the maximum of reality at minimum consequences if an error is made.

The paper presents the possibilities of using AUTOMATION STUDIO 5.6. It is used for modelling and simulation of pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems in the process of training of future engineers at the Faculty of Marine Engineering at the Maritime University of Szczecin.

Key words

education quality, computer systems, practical training


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