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Finding student’s satisfaction is the current trend in the world universities. The majority of curricula are modified as per the student’s satisfaction results. The major aim of this study was to determine the student’s satisfaction of Physical Therapy during their practical sessions at the university and clinical sessions at hospitals.

Total 181 students (84 men and 97 women) in four levels of Physical Therapy participated in this study. The students were evaluated on the questionnaire for their satisfaction in physical therapy practical sessions at the university level and clinical training in hospitals.

The questionnaire data was analyzed employing descriptive statistics, student t - test and ANOVA. The mean total satisfaction for the whole questionnaire was 3.26±0.79 indicating a good satisfaction for students towards their practical and clinical sessions conducted at the university as well as in the hospital settings. Even individual practical and clinical sessions also showed good satisfaction levels with mean ± SD of 3.25±0.80 and 3.27±0.92 respectively.

Our data strongly suggest that the students of Physical Therapy are satisfied with their practical and clinical sessions. There was no significant difference between male and female student’s satisfaction levels but there was a significant difference between various levels of student’s satisfaction.

Key words

Clinical Training; Physical Therapy; Practical; Satisfaction; Student


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