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General and Professional Education
4/2015 pp. 66-74

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The article presents the results of the analysis of achievements and shortcomings of Ukraine in joining the European Higher Education Area. For the research implementation the ten-year period of the Bologna process in Ukraine is divided into four stages (steps): step 1 – from Bergen to London; step 2 – from London to Leuven; step 3 – from Leuven to Bucharest; step 4 – from Bucharest to Yerevan. Within each of the stages the appropriate investigation methods are used. In general, the following techniques are applied: review of documents and publications; survey of students, PhD students and professors; observation of the educational process and reflection; testing of bachelors, masters and PhD students, data collection; overview of the official sites of Ukrainian universities. For each of the stages identified pros and cons are considered. It has been concluded that per decade Ukraine has achieved a lot, but many of the key issues need solution.

Key words

Bologna Process, Higher Education Area, Ukraine, quality assurance, degree structure, promotion of mobility, system of credits, lifelong learning


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