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General and Professional Education
2/2014 pp. 77-82

Рок культура и «конец истории»: постановка проблемы

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The paper discusses the possibility of applying Fukuyama’s concept "the end of history" to the current situation in the field of art. The author considers rock culture as a valid field of its application, the key processes within which indicate a gradual slowing of its dynamics, the growth of a variety of musical subcultures, strengthening the role of internal rock traditions and other problems, correlated with nostalgia, degenerating its problems, terminating the ideological struggle, the essential concept for Fukuyama. Also the hypothesis that the idea of "the end of history" more accurately describes the processes occurring in contemporary art, than the idea of rock culture crisis or "death of rock" is put forward.

Key words

contemporary art, rock culture, "the end of history" concept


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