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General and Professional Education
1/2010 pp. 143-150

Teoretyczny model kompetencji nauczyciela edukacji wszesnoszkolnej w zakresie przygotowania uczniów do ujawniania pozytywnych postaw wobec osób z zaburzeniami rozwoju

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The term competence is understood as an informed, but first of all, a human’s learned ability, which means that one ought to pay special attention to the need of its continual updating and increasing its level. Therefore, the key task becomes supporting the teacher in these areas, which point out the level of his/her competence. The teacher of integrated education is, first of all, and educator for one’s pupils. He/she introduces them to the world of values, shapes an ethical, emotional, and social sphere of their functioning.

Key words

competences, early education, teacher, attitude, developmental disorders